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Weekly Recap – 13/06/16-20/06/16

What I’ve Been Reading:

So I’ve had an incredibly frustrating week of reading this past week. You know when you have your heart set on reading something so you start a new book and then it turns out that, nope, you’re not actually in the mood for it? This happened to me a few times over the past week.

I think maybe one of the main reasons why I’m feeling a bit reading slumpy is because of how hungover I still feel after having read Carry On last week which was a 5 star read for me. And before that I read City of Heavenly Fire and Clockwork Princess which were, again, both 5 star reads for me. So maybe it’s because lately I’ve read some incredible books and have my expectations set so high that I haven’t been able to really get into a new book.

The Wrath and the Dawn

So, I started off trying to read The Wrath and the Dawn (Renee Ahdieh) and I just couldn’t get into it. I’m hoping it’s because I wasn’t in the mood for it because I really want to like this one – it’s had such amazing reviews! But I just really wasn’t feeling it and was honestly a little bit bored reading the 68 pages that I did manage to read. So I’m definitely going to wait until I’m in the mood for this one and probably try to lower my expectations, too.

I also tried picking up  a graphic novel – Artifacts: Volume 3 (Ron Marz and Jeremy Haun) – to see if that would do the trick of bringing me out of my book hangover. But I couldn’t even get into a graphic novel either and I put it down after just 10/15 pages.

So then I thought I’d try reading something similar to Carry On and picked up Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But then I was like ‘nah, this is really long,’ so put it back down again after only a chapter!

The Dream Thieves

So you can see I’ve been slightly frustrated with myself this week! But I think I’ve managed to finally settle on a book now – The Dream Thieves (Maggie Stiefvater). I read The Raven Boys back in March and thoroughly enjoyed it so I hope I like the sequel as much as I did the first one. And I hope I bloody stick to it!

My reading goals for this week: The goal for this week is to stick to the book I’ve picked and not put it back down again. If I accomplish that, I will be happy enough!

What I’ve Been Watching:

I re-watched one of my favourite films from childhood this week – Singin’ in the Rain. I hadn’t watched it for years and years and, honestly, I forgot how hilarious it was! It was so well done and the songs are so memorable and my face was aching a wee bit from smiling so much whilst watching this. If you’ve never seen this please give it a go – you won’t regret it!

I’ve also been watching a lot of BookTube this week (well, more BookTube than usual!) and I’ve found some really great channels that I thought I’d share with you guys:

RJ@The Secret Stacks 

RJ has some really great discussion videos and always brings a unique perspective to a debate. He has a really calming voice and puts across his points fairly, reasonably and always very eloquently.

Peter@Peter Likes Books

Peter just cracks me up! He is completely, unapologetically himself and, because he doesn’t edit his videos, you see his entire personality always and, I have to say, he’s incredibly infectious!

Francina@Francina Simone

I have learnt so much from watching Francina Simone’s videos. I actually feel smarter for watching them 😂 She is very level-headed and brings a different kind of critiquing style to the way she reviews books.

I’ve really enjoyed the content these lovely people have put out so far so I’m looking forward to following them in the future on their BookTube journeys!

My watching goals for this week: Still haven’t watched Me Before You. Shocker, right? Oops. I WILL WATCH IT THIS WEEK.

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