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Weekly Recap – 01/08/16-15/08/16

Hello bookish friends! I’ve been really slacking with my blog-posting lately. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it whilst I’m writing up a post, but it takes me SO long to actually finish a post that I never really get around to actually publishing something on here. Thing is, I’m the type of writer that gets all excited about one idea and focuses on that for a while, then gets a new idea and abandons the initial one. I have a ton of drafts that only need a few more tweaks until they can go up that I’ve just sort of just left hanging for a while. I definitely need to go through them all and get up to date with my blog. But for now I’m back with more regularly-scheduled posts *fingers crossed*

What I’ve Been Reading:
Lady Midnight

I finished reading Lady Midnight!! Obviously, I loved it. It was definitely the best start to a Shadowhunter Chronicles book so far. As you may or may not know, character-driven stories are my absolute favourite kind of stories to read about, so I thoroughly enjoyed the focus on character development in this novel. I found myself really falling in love with all the characters. There wasn’t a single one I couldn’t completely imagine with their distinct personalities. They each felt very realistic and their internal struggles were probably my favourite aspect of the story.

I’m probably quite biased in my love for this book though, I just love the Shadowhunter world so much. But there was one thing that did bug me a little (and it really is quite nit-picky) but the info-dumping that occurred for about the first 100 pages or so was pretty annoying. I understand why it was done, but I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t read a Shadowhunter book before just randomly starting with this one.

I can’t believe I’m all caught up with Cassie’s books now! I started reading City of Bones in 2013 and I’ve only just finished them all now. It’s been a long time coming! Although I do now have to wait an entire year to read a new one which will be SO PAINFUL but hey ho, that’s life. I’ll deal.The Copper Gauntlet

I also read The Copper Gauntlet (Cassandra Clare & Holly Black) this week (because I’m apparently obsessed with Cassandra Clare – oops) and, whilst I did enjoy it and ended up tearing through it, I think I preferred the first book in the series. It’s definitely a 3 star series for me, I think. They’re enjoyable books and have interesting twists and turns but there’s just a bit of a spark missing for me. I think they could be longer and be a bit more complex and focused on the world-building.

Also, I find Tamara and Aaron to be quite bland characters. I think that’s probably the series’ biggest downfall – the fact that I don’t find myself rooting for all of the characters I’m meant to. I think Jasper is probably my favourite character – he’s definitely the most morally grey (and therefore interesting).

But I’m still very keen to carry on with the series. If you fancy a quick, fun, kind of simplistic urban fantasy read, then you’ll probably like this series, too.

My reading goals for this week: Finish reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters (50 pages in) and Rooftoppers and read a few chapters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

What I’ve Been Watching:

I watched Star Trek Beyond last week and found it to be pretty entertaining. However, the plot was simple and predictable and the character development practically non-existent. But, it was really aesthetically pleasing and it wasn’t the worst way to spend £4. Although it was definitely my least favourite of the Star Trek films thus far.

I also saw Finding Dory this week which was also a wee bit of a let down for me. It was as cute, as funny, as emotional and as wonderfully-imaginative as you can expect from a Pixar film… but did we really need this sequel? I don’t think we did. And it definitely failed to capture the original magic of Finding Nemo which I wasn’t too surprised about. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the future Toy Story films either.

What I absolutely loved watching this week, however, was Stranger Things!! I watched all 8 episodes in the space of a day it was that addictive. I’ll admit, it kind of creeped me out a bit in the first couple of episodes but it was such an interesting/compelling watch. I loved that the show focused on the young group of friends and the relationships they had with one another. Also, the music/score in this was ON POINT. As were all the 80’s pop culture references. If you haven’t watched this yet, please do! I keep recommending this series to absolutely everyone I know!

I’ve decided not to watch Suicide Squad due to the not-so-great reviews that have said the film contains tons of blatant misogyny which I’m really not about. So I definitely don’t want to spend any money on this film but when it comes out on TV I’ll still probs give it a go and try to ignore all of the problematic themes.

My watching goals for this week: Something (anything!) to fill my Stranger Things void 😂Stark Reviews Logo


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