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Hello bookish friends! As I have been waiting for this wonderful night for what seems like an eternity, I thought I would honour it by doing the Great British Bake Off Book Tag. I found this over at Heart Full of Books and the tag was created by Reading With Jack.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

1. CAKE: The cake has sunk in the middle. Pick a book that didn’t rise to your expectations.

I’ve had quite a few books I’ve read this year that have ended up being quite disappointing but perhaps the most recent has been The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis). After reading The Magician’s Nephew and loving it, I was fully expecting to love this instalment even more. Sadly, I really wasn’t that fond of it. I know it’s blasphemous to say but… the film was just so much better! Book Sin #1


2. BISCUITS: Once you’ve eaten one, you’re hungry for more and each time you eat another, they get more and more delicious. Pick a book series or trilogy that got progressively better.

This would definitely have to be The Infernal Devices trilogy (Cassandra Clare). Clockwork Angel was just okay – Will and Tessa annoyed the crap out of me. I was really pleasantly surprised with Clockwork Prince and didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Then Clockwork Princess happened. And it destroyed me. Very glad I kept on reading.


3. BREAD: Kneading dough requires hard work and determination. Pick a book that you put off reading for ages and needed a lot of determination to pick up.

This would probably have to be every book in the Mistborn trilogy (Brandon Sanderson). I am a huge fan of this series but it took a hell of a lot of psyching myself up to actually make me pick one of the books up. I’ve left about 6/7 months in between each instalment because a) they’re huge and b) they’re just too emotional! And I struggle to handle that. But I’m currently a third of the way through The Hero of Ages so I’m feeling pretty proud.

4. DESSERTS: Foreign deserts such as crème brûlée and Spanische Windtorte are on the menu. Pick a book set in a foreign country.

I’m picking The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy (Maggie Stiefvater) for this one. They’re set in a small town in Minnesota and I remember reading them and longing to visit this part of the US. It’s cold, foresty and packed with wolf people things so I’m still game.


5. ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS: Not usually used, but surprisingly good. Pick a book from a genre you wouldn’t normally read but ended up loving.

I’m actually quite bad at picking books outside of my comfort zone (Book Sin #2) but I’ll choose The Wolf in the Attic (Paul Kearney) for this one. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the plot or the supernatural elements but the writing itself was beautiful and the characterization was really quite interesting.


6. PASTRY: Shortcrust pastry can crumble easily. Pick a character who you initially liked, but as you read more and more, your relationship with them crumbled apart.

Ron Weasley. To be honest I was never that bothered with Ron but after having read HP & the Goblet of Fire, nope. He left a really bad taste in my mouth. Not a fan at all. I’m hoping he redeems himself in the remaining novels (although I am a fan of film Ron!).

Animal Farm

7. VICTORIAN/OLD-FASHIONED BAKES: Recipes from the past that still taste delicious today. Pick your favourite classic novel.

I definitely haven’t read that many classic novels either! Book Sin #3. In fact, I can count on one hand how many classics I have read in my lifetime which really isn’t something to be proud of. But I’ve read 4 so far this year so at least I’m starting to make a positive change! My favourite our of those 4 is definitely Animal Farm. I spent most of the novel in awe of how incredibly clever Orwell was for creating this story and I’m definitely up for reading more of his works.We Were Liars

8. PATISSERIE: You’re eating a chocolate éclair but there’s barely any filling inside. Pick a book that lacked substance and fell flat.

This has to be We Were Liars (E. Lockheart). Although the writing was pretty, that’s all the book had going on for itself. Aside from the obnoxiously obvious plot twist. I think it relied on that ‘plot twist’ too much, to the point where there was nothing going on anywhere else in the novel.Carry On

9. CHOCOLATE: Chocolate is a comfort food for many people. Pick a book you could read again and again and still find comforting.

I’m not a big re-reader but I can definitely imagine myself re-reading Carry On (Rainbow Rowell) at some point in the future. It gave me the warm fuzzies and replicating those feelings seems like a pretty good idea.


10. THE GRAND FINAL: Everyone is out to impress with extravagant show-stoppers! Pick your favourite book of the year so far that really impressed you.

I honestly could not pick just one. If I absolutely had to, it would be The Sleeping Prince (Melinda Salisbury) BUT very closely followed by Clockwork Prince(ss), Lady Midnight, Carry On, The Shadow Hour, The Art of Being Normal, Ruin and Rising, Rebel Belle, The Well of Ascension, Queen of Shadows, Rebel of the Sands, Cruel Beauty and Beastly Bones. But honestly, I could name many, many more. I’ve had a great reading year so far. But also the worst in terms of 1/2 star ratings, interestingly. It will not be easy picking a top ten when it comes to the end of the year!

That’s it for the tag! I hope everyone has as much fun watching GBBO tonight as I know I will!!
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