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Most Disappointing Reads of 2016

Thankfully, I didn’t have too many of these *phew* But there are still a few books I wanted to talk about that really rubbed me up the wrong way. Soz not soz if they’re your fave.


1. Lobsters – Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

This one is definitely my most disliked book of 2016. I felt so uncomfortable reading it. It had some really dodgy/unhealthy views on sex and relationships and it was just a bad story in general. The plot was drama after pointless drama, the characters were completely one-dimensional and indistinct and the pacing was all over the place. I liked that it was set in the UK (which is why I picked it up in the first place) but, apart from that, it really was terrible. I’m usually not one to be so negative about a book but, UGHHH, did this one annoy me. I’m still mad at it today even though I read it last April! I should have DNF’d it. Silly book.


2. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

So far starters, this book is ableist. Which you probably already knew. But apart from that, it’s just not a good story. It was marketed as this emotional love story and I just don’t get why. It isn’t a romance. There’s literally no romance. And it wasn’t remotely emotional. The ending was so predictable and obvious. Also, I really REALLY hated the theme that love can cure all. It’s an incredibly problematic thing to say to those suffering from mental illnesses, particularly depression (as Will very clearly was). Thinking about it now has just made me mad all over again. Very silly book.


3. Black City – Elizabeth Richards

I didn’t hate this book but I was definitely very disappointed by it. I was expecting great things but what I got was bland, unlikable, angsty-for-the-sake-of-being-angsty characters, a completely pointless love triangle and a predictable plot. Which is a shame because I really liked the world-building aspect and I felt like this world had a lot of potential. Plus the writing style was quite addictive, too. But I definitely won’t be continuing on with this series. I cannot deal with the main characters and the ‘romance.’ Ew.


4. The Wrath and the Dawn – Renee Ahdieh

Given how much hype this duology gets, I had incredibly high expectations for it. I still enjoyed this book to an extent but wow did it disappoint me and take me forever to get into. I had to keep flipping back to the glossary to actually understand the conversations taking place which kept taking me out of the story. Plus I just didn’t believe the love story. Which is kind of major since the romance is a huge part of it. I don’t get how they fell in ‘love.’ And I really disliked how every man in the MC’s life made decisions for her. Constantly. And she really didn’t seem to mind. That being said I really liked the world-building and the overall plot and I enjoyed it a lot more during the last quarter of the novel. I think I’ll read the next book, but only because it’s a duology and I’m interested enough to see how it all ends. But OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT.


5. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

Again, I by no means disliked this book. But it’s definitely true that hype can ruin your reading experience. So many people on Goodreads have rated this 5 stars and I just don’t get it. I tried to but… ugh. It was just a very meh read for me. So many things happened that it didn’t feel like a totally cohesive story – just action strung together. I did quite like the last 100 pages though and I want to get to Riordan’s more recent stuff. I’m planning to skim read the rest of this series so I can get to the Heroes of Olympus series which I think I’ll much prefer. But, overall, I was just very bored whilst reading this one. Which makes me sad. I wanted to love it!

Honourable Mention:


Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

I know I was really disappointed with this book at the time but I adored the rest of the trilogy so it’s difficult to remember why I wasn’t so keen on it. Which is why it’s only an honourable mention! But I think I wasn’t very fond of Will and Tessa and found the story quite predictable at the time. But I loved Will and Tessa by book 2 so this was one of the rare incidents where continuing on with a series I was initially disappointed with actually paid off! Yay!

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That’s pretty much it for my most disappointing reads of 2016. Thankfully there were only 2 that I really, truly disliked and the others I was just quite disappointed in. But I really enjoyed all the other books I read last year so, all in all, a very successful reading year! What were some of your most disappointing reads of last year?

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4 thoughts on “Most Disappointing Reads of 2016

  1. I really hoped the lighting thief, it was the second book, sea of monsters that got me so bored. I had to dnf it, I just couldn’t get through it and I defo think the hype ruined this series for me. I don’t think it helps that I reading it when I’m nearly 20 😂😂

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    1. Oh no, you’re not motivating me to pick up the second one! 😂 Yeah I keep thinking maybe I’m a bit too old for it but then I’ve heard the next series doesn’t have the problem of an immature narrator and it sounds so much more interesting than these books do which makes me want to carry on. Or maybe I’ll just skip to the next series if I really can’t get past this one!

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