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February TBR | 2017

I didn’t manage to read all the books I planned to get to in January and there’s a couple of new releases I’d like to read this month too so quite a few to be getting on with!


Depending on when Waterstones decides to stock The Scarecrow Queen (officially released March 2nd – but Waterstones stocked its predecessor a couple of weeks early last year!!!), I will hopefully be reading it this month. The very second it’s in stores, I will be reading it. This is easily my most anticipated read of the year. And I’m scared of what will happen. Mostly because Mel writes the type of plot twists that drain your soul. And I don’t think I’m over-exaggerating here.


I plan on buying The Scarecrow Queen with another new release that comes out at a similar-ish time – The Traitor’s Throne. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rebel of the Sands last year – it was quick, action-packed and most of all, it was just plain fun. So I’m hoping we get more of that with the sequel plus some killer character development.


I’d also like to read Holding Up the Universe. I’ve heard pretty mixed things about this one, with quite a few people seeing it as problematic in relation to the MCs so I’d quite like to make my own mind up about this one. I loved All the Bright Places so I am quite looking forward to this one. Could be another #problematicfave


I’m also going to continue on reading The Chronicles of Narnia with The Horse and His Boy. I really enjoyed the first instalment of the series but wasn’t so impressed with the next one (probably because I’ve seen the film at least a thousand times) so I’m interested to see how I find this one. We shall see.


I plan to finish The Winner’s trilogy this month too with The Winner’s Kiss. I really like this series – it’s not my favourite but I much preferred the sequel so I’m hoping this trilogy ends on an even higher note.


I started reading Elantris last month but didn’t quite manage to finish it so I’ll be continuing on with Sanderson’s debut. It’s definitely not my favourite one by him but I am still enjoying it. It’s cool to see how readers were first introduced to the Cosmere.


And finally, I’m really hoping to get to Northern Lights this month. It’s been on my radar for ages and I need to finally commit to reading this trilogy. It sounds exactly like something I’ll love so I’m looking forward to delving into this world.

I’m really hoping I can read all these but February is such a short month so I won’t hold my breath! What are you guys planning on reading this month?

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