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New Posting Schedule & Life Update

Hello bookish friends!

So it’s no secret, I’ve been a terrible blogger so far this year. I’ve been inconsistent and when I have posted, my heart just hasn’t really been in it. But I’m hoping that will all change now that I’ve got the entire summer to focus on my bookish social media.

Basically, I work in a University (law) library as part of the Evening and Weekend team and, seeing as the school year is over, the library is closed until mid-September for evenings and weekends.

I’ve also decided to do the Library Science masters next school year at the uni I work at. So I’m going to be EXTREMELY busy working part-time and studying come September.

And that’s why I’d really like to do as much fun stuff as I can for this summer because I am not used to studying after being out of the education system for a couple years. So I plan to make the most out of the free, relaxing, easy time I have until my course starts and I have to start working again.

SO. I am hoping to keep to a posting schedule over the summer period. I want to be posting, ideally, three times a week at 6pm. On a Wednesday, Friday & Sunday (with a few Top Ten Tuesdays popping up now and then). I feel like, with the time I have off, this is really doable. Especially since loads of readathons are coming up and I’ve started posting on my Bookstagram account again, which has given me plenty of motivation to re-start this blog, too!

I already have a few posts scheduled for the coming week or two so I’m way ahead of the game! And I’m only thinking positive thoughts!!

Wish me luck guys ☺️
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