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My Reading Year So Far | 2017 Stats

Hello bookish friends!

It’s that time of year again where I see which reading resolutions I’m on track to complete and which I’ll inevitably fail!!

My first reading goal was the Goodreads reading challenge and my goal for this year is to read 75 books.2017 Stats 2

Due entirely to the fact that I’ve read quite a few graphic novels this year, I’m ahead of schedule. Hopefully I can keep this up later in the year when I start my masters course. I think I want to get to 60 books by late September when it starts so I can concentrate on my studies and not stress out too much about my Goodreads challenge.

My next challenge was to complete the following 10 series:

  1. The Winner’s Trilogy (1 book)
  2. The Sin Eater’s Daughter
  3. Harry Potter (1 book)
  4. Penryn and the End of Days
  6. Shadowmagic (2 books)
  7. The Girl At Midnight (1 book)
  8. The Lunar Chronicles
  9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (1 book)
  10. The Young Elites (2 books)

I’ve already completed four and considering that I’m reading the last books in the Harry Potter, The Girl At Midnight and the Percy Jackson series this month, I think I have this challenge pretty much in the bag!

I wanted to read 5 classics this year and I can easily say that I have quite happily failed in this goal so far. I haven’t been in the mood for a classic. At all. So I’ve read none. I think, in the future, I will just challenge myself to read 1 classic a year. That seems much more doable. And more in tune with my reading tastes.

I also wanted to read 8 contemporaries this year. So far I have read 4 so pat on the back for me. I’ve read Holding Up the Universe (which I wasn’t overly fond of), All About Mia (which I enjoyed), The Upside of Unrequited (which was my most disappointing read so far this year) and A Quiet Kind of Thunder (which is one of my new favourite contemporaries!).

My next challenge was to get through 40 of my owned books. I’ve read 17 so I’m a little behind on this one. I also only planned on reading 35 library books this year but I’ve already read 26 so I think this has been the year of the library!

I also had a list of 10 books that I wanted to get to this year and if I didn’t read them, then I would have to unhaul them. But I’m allowing myself two saves, just coz.

1. Snow Like Ashes
2. Neverwhere
3. The Lies of Locke Lamora
4. The Manifesto on How to be Interesting
5. Proxy
6. Afterworlds UNHAUL
7. I’ll Give You the Sun
8. Since You’ve Been Gone
9. Ready Player One
10. The Bone Season

I haven’t read ANY of these books yet. I’ve already decided to unhaul Afterworlds. I bought it years ago and I just have no interest in reading it at all. If I ever get interested in this book again, I know there’s multiple copies at my library, so I’m good. But I really need to get on with reading the rest of these because I am still interested in reading the rest and don’t particularly want to get rid of them!

Finally, I just wanted to show you guys a little breakdown of the books I’ve read so far this year.

2017 Stats 1

This time last year, I had only read 35 books, so I’m really proud of myself for this year. Particularly since I’ve read really huge books this year, too!

I’m also quite surprised with my ratings for 2017. Usually the 4 star category is waaaay up in front but the 3 star category isn’t too far behind at the moment, which is strange because I thought I hadn’t been as strict with my ratings this year!

So, all in all, I’m well on track this year for completing most of my bookish resolutions.

I hope everyone else’s reading resolutions are going well too. Let me know if you’re on track to complete your reading goals!
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    1. Thank you! No I definitely won’t!! That’s the one I’m most excited for on the list 😂 I’m planning on only reading high fantasy next month and it’s on the list, so hopefully I’ll be getting to it soon!

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