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Book Unhaul #1

Hello bookish friends!

Okay, so this has been a long time coming. I’ve unhauled one or two books in the past here and there but today I am unhauling FIVE books and I am a-okay with it. I am definitely the type of reader that has books sitting on their shelves simply because ‘hmm, maybe one day I’ll read this. Even though present me is no longer interested in this, future me might be.’ And I really need to stop doing this! Future me doesn’t exist. But the reality that I need more shelf space does!!

So, I am unhauling four books that, deep down, I know I’ll never read. And there is also one that I have read and really, really didn’t like.


First up: Me Before You. This is the one that I have read and didn’t like. Even if it wasn’t for all the ableism in this story, I still wouldn’t have enjoyed it. It felt very predictable, the writing was basic, it wasn’t the emotionally heart-wrenching romance (!?!?) book I was promised. I wasn’t a fan of it at all and I don’t know why I still own this. Happy for this to be gone!


The next book I’m unhauling, I mentioned in the My Reading Year So Far post: Afterworlds. I bought this three years ago I think? And I bought it on a complete whim at the time, which is something I would never even dream of doing these days! This was back in the days when I still had my student loan and didn’t feel the very real money pressures of adulting!! I was originally going to read at least 50 pages to decide whether or not I should hold on to this but every time I go to read this, I feel drained. So I’m just going to unhaul it.


The next book I’m unhauling is Shadowstory. This is one I picked up from The Works. If you’re not familiar with this UK shop, basically you can buy books for Ā£1.99 or 3 for Ā£5 which has led me to make some not so great choices over the years! Mostly I’ve been able to resist the temptation of ridiculously cheap books but, alas, not this time. It sounded interesting from its synopsis but, realistically, I’m just never going to pick it up. So, to the unhauling pile you go!


For very similar reasons to the last book, I’ll also be unhauling Pariah. I bought it because it was cheap and it sounded interesting and I actually did start this one but it was just a tad too horror-y for my liking. I wasn’t really prepared for how intense this book would be and it’s just not my cup of tea so I shall be unhauling this one too.

The First Fifteen

And, finally, I will be finishing up this unhaul with The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. I picked this up with a buy one get one half price deal because I’d heard nothing but great things about it. But, honestly, it’s just not my kind of book so there’s really no point in clinging onto it.

I’m sure all these books are great and well-loved but they’re just not for me anymore and they’re taking up valuable shelf space. I already feel like a weight is off my shoulders for taking these off my shelves. And don’t worry, they’ll all be going to one of my local charity shops, so hopefully they can go to someone who will appreciate them!

Are there any books on your shelves you’ve been itching to unhaul recently?
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