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Readathon Prep & Tips

Hello bookish friends!

Since the Booktubeathon of 2017 is nearly upon us, I thought it might be useful to share some of the ways I manage to get through readathons and how I prepare for them. Of course, these tips might not be beneficial for everyone, these are just to give you some ideas to play around with and figure out what works best for you!

1. Set the scene

For me, it’s really important to feel like you’re in the reading mood. I like to do this by making sure I have an endless supply of tea or hot chocolate (or coffee for you caffeine lovers!). I also find it easier to concentrate on my reading when I have the right kind of background noise in order to feel cosy. I love listening to/watching ASMR room’s videos. They’re mainly Harry Potter themed and they’re beautiful. I highly recommend you check them out. I also like listening to thunderstorms or trains or OSTs or Christmas songs (I know, I’m weird). I can’t stand silence, so having these videos play in the background is really beneficial to me.

2. Set daily goals

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find no greater pleasure than ticking something off of a to do list. So setting yourself daily goals can be a lot of fun! In particular, setting yourself reasonable goals so you can continually over-achieve and not feel bad about failing your daily challenges. Be realistic with how much time you feel you can dedicate to reading each day and cross those goals off!

3. Get involved online!

One of the best things about the Booktubeathon is knowing that there’s tons of people from all over the world participating in the same readathon, trying to reach the same goals. Going online and using the #BTAT17 hashtag is a good way to find people to help motivate you and keep you going. Also, it’s a great way to get to know new people and hopefully make some friends!

4. Switch up locations

For me, this one’s really important. I get bored very quickly if I stay in the same place for too long. Switching locations every hour or so will stop you from getting too distracted. I also find reading in public spaces to be really helpful, too. Going to your local library, your local park or a coffee/tea shop can be a fun way to spend your time reading, particularly if you’re away from your technology!

5. Read multiple books at once

This tip definitely won’t be for everyone but I personally find that I read WAY more when I have various books on the go. It makes it feel as though reading is more manageable when I set a goal of reading, say 250 pages per day, when I read 35 pages of the 7 books each day. Doesn’t that sound more doable!? I definitely would not recommend doing this with your reading all the time, but for a readathon, why not? Give it a go!

6. Don’t read on your bed!!

This one’s more a note to self. I don’t know about you, but the second I lay down, that’s it. I’m far too tired to read. And I always think, ‘I’ll just close my eyes for two minutes,’ then BAM it’s half 2 in the morning and I’ve not only wasted valuable reading time but now I’m also going to feel crappy for the next day, too. So beds are officially out of bounds during daylight hours for the next week!

I hope you found these tips useful! Let me know if you have any tips for me – I could always do with them!
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