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The Reading Rush Update #1

Hello bookish friends!

The first day of The Reading Rush is here! Similar to previous years, I will be writing down my reading goals in the morning of each day and coming back to the post in the evening to see how much progress I made and talk a little bit about the books I’m reading.

Monday Reading Goals:

  • Twilight p.156 (156 pages)
  • The Kiss of Deception p.112 (112 pages)
  • Starry Eyes p.46 (46 pages)

I’m hopeful that I will read a total of 314 pages on the first day of the readathon.

Monday Reading Achievements:

  • Twilight p.207 (207 pages)
  • The Kiss of Deception p.160 (160 pages)
  • Starry Eyes p.46 (46 pages)
  • Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me p.304 (304 pages)

I managed to read a total of 717 pages and completed one of the challenges!


I started off my day waking up to a notification that my audio book for Twilight was available, so I immediately started listening to it. And by half 11 I had already listened to around 150 pages. I’m actually enjoying this so much more than I thought I would. It’s so addictive, I’m really starting to understand why I loved this series so much as a wee teen. Yes, it has a lot of problematic elements, but it’s so angsty and relatable, no wonder it was so popular. I’m hoping to finish Twilight tomorrow, mostly because I am beyond eager to re-watch the film.

I also started listening to The Kiss of Deception and was sucked in straight away. Lia has a great voice. Sometimes, protagonists with the same plot lines as Lia will come off as whiny and unlikable (and not the good kind of unlikable), but Lia is very strong minded and unapologetic about who she is, which I love. I’m also really intrigued by the mystery of the prince and the assassin. The way the book is structured to incorporate snippets from the two characters is very well done.

I travelled down to Brighton for my two day holiday today, so I also had time to read on the train. I started Starry Eyes and got to 46 pages. I’m already in love with this story, too. I forgot how talented Jenn Bennett is at creating fully realised characters with complex back stories. I’m so intrigued with where this story is going to go, especially with all of the many plot points that have already transpired in the first 46 pages.

I had a few hours to kill before I was able to check into my Airbnb so I got some food (I found a Korean takeaway cafe and had some bibimbap which was delicious) and then found the library. If you’re not familiar with Brighton, it’s pretty much the queer capital of the UK and they just had their Trans Pride this previous weekend and they’re having Pride this coming weekend, so there were numerous Pride displays in the library. I found Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me and started reading it immediately. It was beautifully illustrated and I absolutely adored the use of the colour pink. I’ve ended up choosing this graphic novel for the read a book in the same spot challenge instead which means I have already completed one challenge for the readathon.

So that’s it for my first reading update of the readathon. I can’t quite believe I managed to read as much as I did. Audio books truly are a blessing! How did the first day of The Reading Rush go for you? Did you complete any challenges?

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