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Blogmas 5

A couple of years back I played a game of festive bookish MASH where I chose some characters, settings, occupations, etc. that were winter-themed or bookish-themed that would become my new fictional life. If you’ve never played MASH before as a kid, here are the rules. Feel free to make up your own version!

The Rules:

1. Pick five options per category (partner(s) (can be queer platonic partner(s)), best friend, transportation, occupation, animal companion & location)
2. Draw a random number – preferably odd
3. Start counting down the list – the option you end up on, you must cross off
4. When you’re left with only one option per category, that is your future life!

I’ve decided to only count options from books I’ve read in the past two years to change things up a bit, so no living in Hogwarts and flying on a broom for me!

I ended up on 11 so let’s see what my life will be!


Partner(s)/Queer Platonic Partner(s)

Jem/Tessa/Will (The Infernal Devices)

The Phantom of Moonfleet (Music and Malice in Hurricane Town)

Gu Miyoung (Gumiho)

Carden/Jude (The Folk of the Air)

Kade (Wayward Children)

Best Friend(s)

Alex Fierro (Magnus Chase)

Syl (Oathbringer)

Lara Jean Song Covey (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

Merlin (Once & Future)

Hypnos (The Gilded Wolves)


House with the chicken legs (The House With Chicken Legs)

Caledonia Styx’s ship (Seafire)

Umbrella (Nevermoor)

Nax’s spaceship (The Disasters)

Magic Pumpkin food truck (Geekerella)


Project Scrooge worker (The Afterlife of  Holly Chase)

Dressmaker (The Prince and the Dressmaker)

Ghosthunter (Lockwood & Co.)

Lost-and-Founder (Malamander)

Barista (Moonstruck)

Animal/Demon Companion

The Skull (Lockwood & Co.)

Alastor (The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding)

Boo (Aru Shah)

Kamigoroshi (Shadow of the Fox)

Havoc (Magisterium)


Everland (Last Bus to Everland)

1889 Paris (The Gilded Wolves)

Rumblestar (Rumblestar)

World of Monstress (Monstress)

Andover (Not Your Sidekick)

Okay! So my life is: I live in a shack with my partners Carden and Jude. We live in 1889 Paris with our chaos wolf, Havoc. I’m a dressmaker and travel around in a spaceship with my best friend Lara Jean.

I’ll take this life – slightly scared of being in relationships with Carden and Jude but there will never be a dull moment, that’s for sure! Since it’s 1889 but I travel in a spaceship, I’m assuming that it’s a steampunk type setting, which I love. Lara Jean and I will bake cookies 24/7 and I reckon we’re dressmakers together and have our own shop where we make dresses for my faerie in-laws.

(Also, please no Queen of Nothing spoilers – I’m in the middle of reading it right now!)

I loved doing this again! This is such a fun game that makes me feel nostalgic for when I used to play it in school with my group of friends!

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