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End of Year Library Haul #blogmas

Blogmas 7

I’ve gotten a number of books out from the library these past couple of months, but with the Believe-A-Thon in November and reading mostly shorter books in December, I haven’t had a chance to get around to them. So, these are some of the library books that I have out that I am eager to get to in the new year.


Enchanteé by Gita Trelease

I’ve heard quite mixed things about this magical historical fiction. I think I might fall on the side of loving it, though, as it contains a lot of elements that I love in my fantasy. First of all, it’s set in 1789 in Paris so I’m already sold on the setting and the atmosphere, particularly as it takes place during the revolution. It also mostly takes part in court, where I imagine there’ll be a lot of intrigue and mystery. Some of the negative reviews I’ve seen point out that it’s slow-paced, which is actually something I much prefer in my fantasy books, especially with historical fiction. I’m hoping to get to this one in March.

Call Down the Hawk

Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater

I had a lot of unanswered questions after I finished reading The Raven King a few months back. Luckily I knew Call Down the Hawk was releasing soon, so I didn’t feel too dissatisfied at the end. It’ll be really interesting to see, after a bit of a gap between this one and The Raven King, how Stiefvater’s writing has developed since. I have overall mixed feelings about The Raven Cycle (love the ideas, not particularly fond of the execution), so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about this instalment in the series. I’m planning to read this one in January.

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

I read Autoboyography earlier this year and it was one of the few five star reads I’ve given out. I loved the writing in Autoboyography and really liked how well the tension was built up between the characters. I have no idea what to expect from this one but all of their books seem to get mostly very positive reviews, so I’m hoping it’ll be a super fun, light-hearted read. From what I can tell, it’s about old college friends meeting back up and them setting each other on increasingly bad first dates with other people and obviously there’ll be banter and angst and romance. I’m hoping to get to this one in March.

Call It What You Want

Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer

If you read my Top 5 Fantasy Books post, you will have seen that Kemmerer’s A Curse So Dark and Lonely was one of my personal favourite fantasies I’ve read so far this year, so I am very intrigued to see if I feel the same way about her contemporaries, too. From what I can tell Kemmerer’s contemporaries are the hard-hitting, emotionally-impactful types. This one in particular is about two teens dealing with their own intense family situations, who get paired together in a class project and start a friendship. I’m planning to get to this one in March, aswell.

Sky Song

Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

Rumblestar ended up being one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year and I just fell in complete love with Elphinstone’s writing style. So much so that I’ve already started making my way through the rest of her works. I’m currently reading the prequel she wrote for World Book Day for Rumblestar – Everdark – and I’ve just loaned The Snow Dragon to read this month, too. I’m so intrigued by the worlds she creates – Rumblestar was one of the most imaginative and whimsical books I’ve read, so I’m hoping to find that with the rest of her works, too. Starting with Sky Song in January, which is set in a frozen tundra ruled by the cruel Ice Queen and follows two children on their adventure to force the Ice Queen back.

These are just some of the library books I’ve recently hauled that I’m most excited to read. Have you loaned any library books lately that you can’t wait to start reading?

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