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Gift Giving for Book Lovers #blogmas

Blogmas 9

Today I will be giving you some gift ideas for the book-lovers in your life. There are so many great artists and creators on Etsy that I adore for their bookish gifts, so I wanted to shout out a couple of these shops and the items they sell.

My favourite bookish gifts to buy for people (and myself!) are magnetic bookmarks, in particular from the Etsy store, Happy Hello Co. I’ve been buying from this store for the past few years and the bookmarks are of such a great quality. The designs are so sweet and I really like the bold colours that are always used. Whilst a lot of the bookmarks are of characters from books, there are also characters from TV series, films and, my personal favourite, K-Pop artists!

BT21 magnetic bookmarks

And, yes, I bought the entire set! The bookmarks are really great value, too. Usually between £2-4 individually. The store also has some festive editions of their bookmarks currently on sale, which also look so adorable. They have characters ranging from Six of Crows, to Harry Potter, to Marvel to Disney, plus many, many more. These bookmarks would make great stocking fillers for any book-lover.

The next gift I’d like to recommend to purchase for your book-lover friends is actually an Etsy store in general: LiteraryEmporium. I’ve purchased a wide range of the items this store sells, both for myself and for my friends and family. They sell items such as notebooks, jewellery, pins, t-shirts, and a few other things. The designs are really unique and are mostly inspired by classic literature, although there are a number of Harry Potter-inspired designs, too!

Harry Potter notebooks

The store is also currently selling these beautiful gift sets for the Christmas period (and hopefully longer, since I would love to be able to buy these for friends and family throughout the year!) The sets include a gorgeous hardback edition of a classic, a pin and a t-shirt. The Pride and Prejudice one is my personal favourite.

They also come in these pretty wrapped-up boxes which you can use to store all of your favourite bookish items. A lot of their items also have free shipping if you’re from the UK, too, which is always a plus, especially for these bulkier gifts. The items all range in price. You can get notebooks for £3, pins for £7 and t-shirts for around £15.

I know this is quite a short post for today, but these are the two stores I purchase the most from for all my bookish gifts and I generally just stick to these two. All their products are really high quality and they’ve always been delivered to me in perfect condition, so I very highly recommend all of these to you.

What are some of your favourite Etsy stores to purchase bookish gifts from? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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