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DIY – Festive Hamper #blogmas

Blogmas 14

So I’ve fallen really behind on Blogmas (shocker!) but I’m still going to post when I can. It seems like no matter how far in advance I start planning, it always just catches up with me and I fail at it. One of these years I will post every day in December, I promise!

My DIY blogmas posts are always my absolute favourite part of blogmas. Especially this year since I got a Hobbycraft gift card for my birthday especially so that I could have a go at some really exciting crafts.

In the first of the DIY posts, I’ll be showing you how I made my festive hamper – something super fun to decorate and fill in as a present. I made this one for my best friend, Jess, who I have already given this to so it’s okay if she sees this!

1. First up: the box! There were a couple of different sizes to choose from, but I went for the smaller of the two and ended up with this one.

DSC_0772 (2)

2. I then had to think about the design of the box – what colour scheme I wanted for it, how I was going to pad the inside, what decorations I was going to use on top – and purchased a range of Christmassy decorations from Hobbycraft (including a glue gun which I was immensely excited to use!)

3. Once I had everything I needed, my first job was to paint the box. I decided to go for white with a red ribbon style on the inside. This took a number of coats (about 3) until I was pleased with it.

Hamper box 5 (2)

4. After all the paint had dried, I got to decorating the top of the box. First I had to, using a stencil, draw on ‘Merry Christmas Jess’ and then paint it in. After that I had some paper chains paper to use as the border of the box that would go well with the colour scheme. I then used some of the wooden Christmas characters to arrange around the writing and put a bow on the top left-hand corner to finish it off.

5. Finally, I stuck on the ‘Merry Christmas’ sign in the middle and put the shredded paper inside to bulk it out a bit. The box was then ready to put all sorts of treats and presents inside!

Hamper box 6 (2)

This hamper box was so much fun to bring to Christmassy life. I think Jess really liked it, too, so that’s the main thing! Something that I also really enjoy about doing DIY is that I can listen to audiobooks whilst I create. I listened to Winnie-the-Pooh and The Wizards of Once whilst decorating this box which made the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

So that’s it for this DIY post. Next DIY post is coming to you tomorrow evening and I think it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever made for these posts!

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