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Festive Bucket List #blogmas

Hope you've all had a good Thursday. I've officially got just one more day left of work and then I'm off until the 2nd January, so I'm very excited to start doing more fun Christmassy things and thought it would be a good idea to create a kind of festive bucket list for myself for… Continue reading Festive Bucket List #blogmas

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My Film Bucket List

Now, there are many, many films I'd like to get around to watching in my lifetime, so I thought I'd make an ongoing list of all the films I'd eventually like to watch one day and cross them off as I watch them. This list of films will range from the critically acclaimed classics to the light-hearted rom-coms to the action dramas and to the comedic golds. I like a huge range of films and it's likely that I'll give any film a go, so if you have any suggestions to add to my ongoing list, I'd love to hear them!