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Hello, I’m Emma and I am a terrible blogger…

So I fell off the face of the Earth again. Oops. It’s been nearly two months since I posted last. Considering one of my New Years’ Resolutions was to write a blog post at least once a week, I’d say that I have just ever so slightly failed.

Speaking of failing, I have officially fallen behind in my Goodreads reading challenge for the first time this year. And I’m also failing at Camp NaNoWriMo, too. Basically, I suck. But I’m actually okay with that.

I used to put so much pressure on myself to write a certain amount of posts each week or to read a certain number of pages every day. And now I just… don’t care. I was sucking all the fun out of what had always been two great hobbies of mine and I realised that I was just stressing myself out over nothing.

I think I forget sometimes that I can actually write whatever I feel like on here and that I don’t need to worry about how many people will read it and how they will feel about it. This is my space. And I really need to start owning it a little more. Even if that means I ramble on for quite a bit!

So, sorry not sorry if my posts are a bit of a mess from now on, both aesthetic-wise and content-wise. I am going to write when I want, how I want and only when I feel an urge to. Not when I feel like I have to.

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Series Starter, Not Finisher

I was looking through my Goodreads bookshelves the other day and I realised something: in the past two to three years, I have only finished reading and completed 1 series. Just 1! *Exasperated sigh* So I’ve decided that that simply is not good enough and I wanted to reflect on my reading habits and find out why I can’t seem to finish a series.

Looking back at the list of completed series, it seems to me that I went through a period of my life where I marathoned series all in one go. In 2012, I managed to complete a total of 6 series. And, according to my Goodreads, I had started and finished 4 of these series in just that one year!

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Completed Series:

  • Shatter Me (Unravel Me, Ignite Me) – 2015
  • Dark Heart Forever (Dark Heart Rising, Dark Heart Surrender) – 2013
  • Starcrossed (Dreamless, Goddess) – 2013
  • The Hunger Games (Catching Fire, Mockingjay) – 2012
  • Switched (Torn, Ascend) – 2012
  • Shiver (Linger, Forever) – 2012
  • Fallen (Torment, Passion, Rapture) – 2012
  • Lament (Ballad) – 2012
  • Hush, Hush (Crescendo, Silence, Finale) – 2012
  • Twilight (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) – 2010
  • Noughts and Crosses (Knife Edge, Checkmate, Double Cross) – 2009
  • The Field Guide (The Seeing Stone, Lucinda’s Secret, The Ironwood Tree, The Wrath of Mulgarath) – 2004 (I think…)

In my lifetime, I have only completed reading 12 series. Disappointment does not even begin to cover it.

Currently Reading Series (All instalments released):

  • The Mortal Instruments (2 more to read)
  • The Infernal Devices (2 more to read)
  • Black City (2 more to read)
  • Mistborn (1 more to read)
  • The Grisha (1 more to read)
  • Harry Potter (don’t burn me at the stake!) (4 more to read)
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone (1 more to read)
  • The Lunar Chronicles (3 more to read)
  • Penryn and the End of Days (2 more to read)
  • Legend (2 more to read)
  • Watersong (2 more to read)

I have 22 books to read here in order to complete all 11 of these released series.

Currently Reading Series (All instalments not yet released):

  • The Raven Cycle (read 1 out of 3 that are released)
  • Rebel Belle (read 1 out of 2 that are released)
  • Throne of Glass (up to date)
  • Rebel of the Sands (up to date)
  • The Sin Eater’s Daughter (up to date)
  • Jackaby (up to date)
  • Saga (read 2 out of 5 that are released)
  • Falling Kingdoms (read 2 out of 4 that are released)
  • The Winner’s Trilogy (read 1 out of 2 that are released)
  • The Girl At Midnight (up to date)
  • Six of Crows (up to date)
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (up to date)
  • Red Queen (read 1 out of 2 that are released)
  • The 5th Wave (read 1 out of 2 that are released)
  • Goddess War (read 1 out of 2 that are released)

I am up to date with 7  of these series out of  a total of 15. To be up to date with all of these series, I must read 13 more books.

List of Series I’d Like to Start:

  • A Darker Shade of Magic
  • The Kanin Chronicles
  • The Witchlands
  • Firebird
  • Snow Like Ashes
  • The Remnant Chronicles

Recently Read Sequels In Series:

  • (Will be filling in this section as I read more sequels!)

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Back in 2012, I wasn’t part of the online book community – the only influences on what I read were the bookshops themselves. We have a discount shop in the UK called The Works and they sell books at £2 each or 3 for a fiver. Since I was still a young lass at the time, the price of books would definitely have played a huge part in what kinds of books I read. 3 of the 6 series I read in 2012 were all bought at £2 for each book. Back then, I don’t think I really had that much of a choice of what books I could buy and read and so, I would imagine, if I had found a series I adored, providing the rest of the books in the series were also really cheap, I would have continued on reading that series and, yeah, probably marathon that.

Obviously, now that I have a wee bit of money to spend on books and now that I’ve been opened up to the online book community, I am able to find all sorts of books that might tickle my fancy. I think I do have a bit of a tendency to get a tad swept up in the sheer amount of books I’m attracted to. I have such a broad range of tastes and I get so excited that I just want to lose myself in as many worlds as possible.

Also, if I am loving a series, sometimes I just don’t want it to end and so I try my best to make it last and space out my reading of them. But, as I’ve recently discovered, this can be to my detriment. Some of the series on the currently reading lists, I honestly don’t have that much interest in reading any more – such as Legend, The 5th Wave, Watersong, The Goddess War – which is such a shame as I rated all the books I had read in these series a 4 out of 5 stars (a 5/5 stars for The 5th Wave!) But I left far too long to read the sequels and now I don’t know if I’ll ever get back into reading them, which is such a shame.

That is why I need to make a promise to myself that I need to start reading more sequels to the series I’ve already started and loved. Maybe I’ll only let myself start a new series once I’ve read amount of sequels or something… I’m not sure how I’ll work that out yet. But it is definitely something I want to work on and, hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have added a decent amount of books to the last category of lists: recently read sequels in series.

How do you guys read series? How many series are you hoping to finish reading this year?Stark Reviews Logo