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DIY – Festive Candles #blogmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you have all had a peaceful and festive day. I've been busy helping my Mum out and planning for tomorrow and also decided to re-watch Lord of the Rings so it's been quite a long day! For my next DIY post, I'll be writing about how I made Christmassy… Continue reading DIY – Festive Candles #blogmas

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DIY – Festive Hamper #blogmas

So I've fallen really behind on Blogmas (shocker!) but I'm still going to post when I can. It seems like no matter how far in advance I start planning, it always just catches up with me and I fail at it. One of these years I will post every day in December, I promise! My… Continue reading DIY – Festive Hamper #blogmas

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DIY Bookish Stockings #blogmas

For today's post, I decided it would be fun to do another DIY styled post, this time with Christmas stockings with a bookish twist. Here's how I made the stocking: 1. As always, I initially had to get all of the equipment and decorations ready. I wasn't sure at first how I was going to… Continue reading DIY Bookish Stockings #blogmas

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DIY – Bookish Hanging Decorations #blogmas

  I thought I'd have some fun with today's post and do some bookish Christmas-themed DIY. I decided to create some hanging wall decorations that I could put on my bookshelves to spruce them up a bit. So, here's what I did: 1. The first step was to get all of the equipment ready. I… Continue reading DIY – Bookish Hanging Decorations #blogmas

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Deck the Halls – DIY Bookish Decorations #blogmas

This is the last of my DIY #blogmas posts for this year! And I think this was my favourite one to do. I was sat down in front of the TV watching A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carey one) and feeling very festive! Β 1. MaterialsΒ  I used some plastic fillable baubles from Hobbycraft, some of… Continue reading Deck the Halls – DIY Bookish Decorations #blogmas

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DIY Bookish Festive Treats #blogmas

I'm back with another DIY post, this time BAKING! I had a lot of fun making these treats,Β  even if they are very basic! 1. Ingredients I used a pre-made mix for the cake mix 'cause I'm lazy! With that mix, I also needed 2 medium eggs and semi-skimmed milk. For the decoration, I used… Continue reading DIY Bookish Festive Treats #blogmas

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DIY Bookish Christmas Bookmarks #blogmas

I'm back with another DIY Christmas post today, creating some festive bookmarks. Again, not a creativity expert - just a bit of festive fun! 1. Materials I used red and green card for the bookmarks' base, some twine, paints, wooden decorations and cut-out pictures of books. 2. Painting I used red, green and white paint… Continue reading DIY Bookish Christmas Bookmarks #blogmas

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DIY Bookish Christmas Cards #blogmas

I will preface this by saying that I am not the greatest at DIY but I love the process of creating something, particularly this time of year. So, I wanted to make some bookish Christmas cards and I think it went pretty well all things considered! I'll show you the finished products at the end,… Continue reading DIY Bookish Christmas Cards #blogmas